A silk bow tie will add a sophisticated finishing touch to any formal or black-tie attire. For convenience, all of our own brand Robert Old bow ties come pre-tied, designed with an adjustable hook and eye fastening strap to fit almost any collar size. Allowing you to un-knot your bow tie towards the end of the evening and embrace a more relaxed appearance!

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  1. Robert Old

    Black Silk Hand-Tied Bow Tie

    £49.00 £40.83 ex VAT
  2. Robert Old

    Red Silk Bow Tie

    £45.00 £37.50 ex VAT
  3. Robert Old

    Black Silk Bow Tie

    £45.00 £37.50 ex VAT
  4. Robert Old

    Navy Silk Bow Tie

    £45.00 £37.50 ex VAT
  5. Robert Old

    Silver Silk Bow Tie

    £45.00 £37.50 ex VAT
  6. Robert Old

    Purple Silk Bow Tie

    £45.00 £37.50 ex VAT
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