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How to Polish and Care for Gentlemen’s Handmade Shoes

How to Polish and Care for Gentlemen’s Handmade Shoes

“Like all relationships, diligent ‘tender love and care’ of your fine shoes will ensure you spend a long and happy life together.”

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  1. With laces removed and cedar shoe trees in place, prepare for polishing by removing any traces of dust and dirt from the uppers and soles with a horse hair brush.
  2. The next step, using two fingers and a cotton cloth, is to apply a neutral conditioning cream to the leather uppers and to the soles. Allow ten to twenty minutes for this to dry before continuing.
  3. Using a small brush, apply a cream based coloured polish (which is best suited to the colour of the shoes) evenly over the upper and welt of the shoe. Allow a little time to dry.
  4. Again taking two fingers wrapped in a cotton cloth, begin to apply thinly and evenly a wax based coloured polish to the leather.
  5. After ten minutes, begin to buff the uppers and soles using a larger brush.
    Finish this process with a Chamois leather cloth to add to the shine.
  6. For the ultimate finish and shine? With two fingers in a cotton cloth take a little water and using a circular motion begin the gentle cohesion between the wax polish and the water and continue until it builds to a glass-like finish.

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“Old or New your fine shoes will now be at their optimum both aesthetically and practically.”

If your old shoes are beyond repair take a look at our Collection of Crockett and Jones, Alfred Sargent and Santoni.


For more general care advice check out our Care Guide

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