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Robert Old is proud to offer a range of exclusive limited edition shoes, loafers and boots from the international iconic luxury brand Santoni. Blending traditional Italian craftsmanship and heritage effortlessly with a contemporary style, Santoni Shoes are designed and crafted to handle every situation with elegant confidence. A pair of Santoni shoes will make the perfect addition to any connoisseur's collection.

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  1. Santoni

    Dark Brown Lace Up Handmade Oxford Shoe

    US$811.94 US$676.62 ex VAT
  2. Santoni

    Black Leather Slip On Tassel Loafer

    US$853.29 US$711.07 ex VAT
  3. Santoni

    Dark Brown Handmade Suede Tassel Loafers

    US$853.29 US$711.07 ex VAT
  4. Santoni

    Dark Brown Deerskin Oxford Shoe

    US$811.94 US$676.62 ex VAT
  5. Santoni

    Black Nappa Leather Sneakers

    US$536.24 US$446.87 ex VAT
  6. Santoni

    Burgundy Shoe Cream

    US$26.19 US$21.82 ex VAT
  7. Santoni

    Tan Shoe Cream

    US$26.19 US$21.82 ex VAT
  8. Santoni

    Neutral Shoe Cream

    US$26.19 US$21.82 ex VAT
  9. Santoni

    Nylon & Brass Small Suede Brush

    US$26.19 US$21.82 ex VAT
  10. Santoni

    Small Nylon Polishing Shoe Brush

    US$30.33 US$25.27 ex VAT
  11. Santoni

    Suede Shampoo

    US$34.46 US$28.72 ex VAT
  12. Santoni

    Cedar Wood Shoe Trees

    US$108.90 US$90.75 ex VAT
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