Robert Old awaits the Bournemouth Wheels Festival

It’s only a few days until the Bournemouth Wheels festival kicks off and Robert Old is geared and ready for the action.

 We are proudly supporting Poole Bay Racing’s efforts to raise awareness of the Amelia Grace Rainbow Fund.  By offering you with the opportunity to experience the thrill of the ‘Demonstration Straight’ as a passenger in a two seater race Kart in front of thousands of envious onlookers!

bournemouth wheels festival
So if speed-fuelled adrenaline is your thing I can hear you ask ‘How Can I Join In’!!!

First step get down to Robert Old and Co (Westover Road, Bournemouth, Bh1 2EX)

Step Two get the attention of one of our glamorous assistants!

Step Three Hand £10 to our glamorous assistant and sign your name on the board of 100 numbers. Making sure you leave your mobile number and name too.

Step Four Wait until Thursday 22nd  at 4pm for the draw to find out which 3 lucky squares are the winners.

Winners will be posted on the Robert Old Facebook page

amilia grace rainbow fund

Amelia-Grace Rainbow Fund

Robert Old and Poole Bay Racing are aiming to raise £1000 for this worthy cause so even if you are unlucky on this occasion you are still offering a little light for our chosen charity. So here is a little about them.

The fund was set up in memory of Amelia-Grace who died in 2010 from an aggressive childhood cancer. The concept of the charity started with Amelia when she used some of her money to buy an Xbox for one of her friends who she spent time with in hospital. She appreciated the gifts that she benefited from but felt that other children should also have the same opportunities that she did. In this way the trustees try to ensure that all monies granted go towards creating an environment that is full of fun, laughter, achievement and memories.

The fund supports children in Dorset and the surrounding area who are suffering from Terminal, Life Limiting and Serious Chronic Illness. They aim to create an environment full of fun, laughter, achievement and memories through providing funds for activities and play which may enrich the lives of children who are suffering with similar illnesses.

The Trustees will consider funding holidays, family days out, games or toys, social activities such as swimming or dancing lessons or any other request which they feel supports the aim of the charity.

They are a need driven service. They help children by providing funds to create happiness in times of need without weeks of waiting for panel decisions. There criterion is simple and is governed by whether the child has a serious chronic, life limiting or terminal illness.

They work closely with both Poole and Dorchester Hospitals to ensure that children in their care are able to access funds when needed. Most referrals come through the hospitals although families are also able to self refer.

They are unique in that we are able to assist children suffering from any childhood illness including mental health conditions. In this way they can help many more children and capture those children who are not covered by any other disease specific charity.