Fracap Men’s Handmade Italian Shoes

Since 1908, Fracap - an Italian brand, has manufactured some of the finest handmade boots. In recent years, their hiker boots were made specifically for the Japanese market by a small family owned company, based in Lecce, Italy. Present-day they have brought out three handmade, customised styles and have a wide international presence. All Fracap boots come with a natural gum sole, spare laces and are made from fine full grain Italian leather

Black Leather M120 Handmade Fur Lined Boots  Fracap
Beige Suede Explorer Z525 Handmade Classic Boots  Fracap
Navy M120 Handmade Leather Boots  Fracap
Brown Leather & Suede R302 Boots  Fracap
Brown Magnifico M120 Indian Boots  Fracap
Burgundy Suede Explorer Z519 Handmade Boots  Fracap