Handcrafted in Italy Tailoring Services

Every garment that passes through the doors of Robert Old with our ‘Hand tailored in Italy’ label has been painstakingly selected by us and lovingly created with our clients in mind.

Handcrafted in Italy

Produced just north of Rome in a small town named Vetralla in the heart of Italy, Robert Old garments are handmade by skilled craftsmen and women with an eye for perfection and a clear understanding of what clients require and look for in a tailored garment.

Every discerning gentleman will appreciate our focus on combining comfort with contemporary style.

The Finest Cloths

When selecting the cloth for a Robert Old garment the key emphasis is on aesthetics and wearability. During a visit to our store our tailoring consultants are always on hand to advise on the most suitable and complimentary cloths for your given occasion and level of wear.

We work constantly to widen and diversify our choice of cloths from all over the world from which to select both 'Ready to Wear' and 'Made to Measure' tailoring.


Style & Fit

The main objective at all consultations and fittings is to achieve the most flattering fit whilst maintaining a high level of comfort and practicality. The desire for an advanced level of personalised fit is generally the key motivation behind the purchase of a new item of tailoring. In order to achieve your desired fit we have a master tailor on site to make any necessary adjustments to our 'Ready to Wear' and 'Made to Measure' garments.


By combining the finest examples of British and Italian cloth with our beautifully handmade ‘full canvas’ production in Italy, Robert Old is able to offer truly artisan tailoring from the convenient location of Westover Road.

A Guide to Robert Old Pricing...

With a huge scope to customise a garment of your choosing here is a little guide.

For a two piece suit, our opening Made to Measure price starts from £1150, this would be for a ‘house fabric’ limited to a plain navy or black. If you would like to explore deeper into the cloth selections and add a special lining or hand details our average price would range around £1500-£1600.

All prices cover the full service from initial consultation through to final finishing touches with our in-house tailoring service.

With every consultation there is no obligation, we are more than happy to discuss your ideas and expectations of your dream suit or jacket if you are not yet in a position to make a clear decision. However, we believe it is vital at the start of this process to experience the enjoyment of sampling one of our hand-tailored garments to appreciate the true quality and craftsmanship is essential.

With a much better understanding of what you can expect having visited the store, we hope this will allow you time to consider your options before returning to order.

If you have any questions prior to visiting, or would like to request an appointment, please contact us by following the link below.


Discover 'off the peg' options

No only do we offer a full made to measure tailoring service. We also offer a seasonal selection of ready to wear garments. Explore these today by following the link or visit us instore and view the full collection.