'Made to Measure' Tailoring

Not all of our clients are fortunate enough to be able to step into a ready-made designer suit. A poor fit can be uncomfortable as well as unflattering. Robert Old can help guide you through Belvest 'Made to Measure' tailoring. 

Who Are Belvest?

Belvest launched in 1964 when a Mr Nicoletto opened his own workshop in Padua, Italy. His aim? To launch a ready to wear collection that incorporated all of the intricate details of traditional tailoring. In pursuit of excellence he hired the best master craftsmen to launch the first Belvest collection.

Moving into 1972 Belvest started to gain its international appreciation presenting at Pitti Uomo, Florence. It was the year 1978 where Belvest 'Made to Measure' was born. A unique service that ensured a balance between purpose and function, capped off with the essential personal feel that can only be achieved from 'made to measure'.

Belvest 'Made to Measure' at Robert Old

In addition to the seasonal collections of ‘Ready to Wear’ tailoring which can be found on our First Floor, Robert Old also offers the comprehensive Belvest ‘Su Misura’ service providing custom-made personalized suits, jackets, and overcoats, for our clients.

With Belvest good things take time and we work on a 5-7 week turnaround for Su Missura garments.

Style & Fit

From our first moment of experience, Belvest has been a eureka moment for our tailoring collection. The drapability and lightweight construction of the Italian tailoring is like nothing we have experienced before and is something to be experienced to be believed.

Belvest garments are all crafted with an incredibly lightweight construction that makes the finished piece feel more like a second skin than an article of clothing. This is achieved through meticulous details in the manufacturing process.

Belvest Tailoring Consultancy

Our dedicated ‘Su Misura’ consultants are at your service to guide you seamlessly through the process of selecting the most appropriate cloth, flattering style, and final embellishments such as buttons and lining, before finalising your personal fitting requirements which are kept on record for future orders.

Unmistakable Italian Craftmanship

Your unique garment is custom made by highly skilled Belvest tailors to your specific measurements using a highly modifiable template resulting in a totally personalised fit combined with extreme comfort and immaculate style.

Belvest in the Making

Years of skill and craftsmanship go into each and every Belvest-tailored garment. From the initial stage of laying out a pattern, hand cutting, and sawn canvas right the way through the production to the final and important stage of carefully pressing the garments ready to leave for the customer. Pride and passion are certainly core ingredients in producing a fine garment.

Discover 'off the peg' options

Not only do we offer a full made to measure tailoring service, we also offer a seasonal selection of ready to wear garments. Explore these today by following the link, or visit us instore and view the full collection.

A Guide to Belvest Su Misura Price Guide...

While the breadth of options is vast with fabric selection and garment styles a classic Two-Piece Belvest made-to-measure Suit, begins at £2500, this covers the entire process, from the initial consultation to the final meticulous touches by our in-house tailoring team.

We firmly believe that trying one of our hand-tailored garments is a crucial first step. It’s a chance to genuinely appreciate the exceptional quality and craftsmanship before refining your final choices. Often an initial visit to the store to just absorb the options is advised.

Should you have any questions before your visit or wish to arrange an appointment, don’t hesitate to contact us using the link below. We’re here to guide you every step of the way.