Robert Old only use 'Grade A' cashmere, the finest cashmere in the World

Robert Old cashmere is sourced from the finest and longest, most luxurious fibers, hand-combed from the coats of Outer Mongolian mountain goats. These exquisite fibers measure 14.5 microns in thickness and 34mm in length. While there are many different grades of cashmere, resulting in varying degrees of quality, Robert Old cashmere is produced using only the highest quality 'Grade A' yarns from the best Scottish spinners and washed in the softest Scottish waters to give a 'cloud soft' touch.

Each garment is meticulously crafted to meet our exacting standards. Our cashmere knitwear is produced in the Scottish Borders town of Hawick by a family-owned business with whom we have been working with since 1909, sharing values akin to our own. They seamlessly integrate the latest technology with traditional methods and skillfully hand-finish each item.

Our men's cashmere sweaters and cardigans are designed to be super soft while retaining their original shape well into old age.

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Goats combed for cashmere

understanding the ply

The ply indicates how many yarns have been used, the higher the ply, the warmer the sweater

Our soft luxury cashmere yarn strands measure just 28 microns in height (this is known as 28S) and are spun together to create ply.

2-ply (2 x 28S)

This is our lightest weight cashmere. Two strands of cashmere yarn are twisted together to make the 2-ply. It is delicately weighted, great as an accompaniment in the winter under a jacket or as an extra layer on a cool summer evening.

4-ply (4 x 28S)

Mid-weight cashmere garments are crafted using twice double-twisted strands of yarn, resulting in a high-quality 4-ply. This denser construction ensures that when held up to the light, no trace of light passes through, indicating its superior quality. Perfect for year-round wear, these garments provide an extra layer of warmth and style when worn over a shirt or t-shirt.

8-ply (8 x 28S)

Our heaviest weight cashmere is constructed with four sets of double-twisted yarn, resulting in a richly dense and luxurious fabric. This heavier drape provides exceptional warmth and a truly indulgent feel, making it wonderfully sumptuous and cosy for the colder winter months.

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the perfect fit

Our cashmere garments have a 'classic fit' with 4 extra inches in the chest area.

Our cashmere sweaters and cardigans are sized by chest measurement for a comfortable 'Classic' fit, with 4 inches of extra space. Order based on your chest size measured just under the arms. For example, a 44-inch chest should order a size 44 sweater, which measures 48 inches for added comfort. For a more fitted look, order one size smaller. If unsure, measure your favorite sweater across the chest from armpit to armpit. Contact us for further sizing help.

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White Undyed Balmour 8Ply Shawl Collar Cable Cashmere Cardigan  Robert Old
Charcoal Colonial 8ply Cashmere Shawl Cardigan  Robert Old
Brume Torridon 8Ply Cashmere Shawl Collar Pullover  Robert Old
Skyline Blue Altnaharra 8ply Crew Neck Cashmere Sweater  Robert Old
Navy Loro Piana Storm System Wool & Cashmere Overcoat  Robert Old
Navy Loro Piana Rain System Virgin Wool & Cashmere Jacket  Robert Old
Flannel Grey Colonial 8ply Cashmere Shawl Cardigan  Robert Old
Dark Navy Colonial 8ply Cashmere Shawl Cardigan  Robert Old