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The right shoe care products are an essential accessory in prolonging the life of your beloved British and Italian hand-crafted leather shoes. Treated with right care and maintenance your shoes will last for years to come.

Our range of shoe care accessories includes Shoe Trees, Brushes, Shoe Polish and Care Products, all specifically developed to care for our collection of Crockett & Jones and Santoni shoes.

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  1. Santoni

    Suede Shampoo

    $34.39 $28.66 ex VAT
  2. Santoni

    Neutral Shoe Cream

    $26.14 $21.78 ex VAT
  3. Santoni

    Tan Shoe Cream

    $26.14 $21.78 ex VAT
  4. Santoni

    Burgundy Shoe Cream

    $26.14 $21.78 ex VAT
  5. Santoni

    Black Shoe Cream

    $26.14 $21.78 ex VAT
  6. Crockett & Jones

    Wax Shoe Polish

    $6.88 $5.73 ex VAT
  7. Crockett & Jones

    Wooden Shoe Trees

    $89.41 $74.51 ex VAT
  8. Santoni

    Cedar Wood Shoe Trees

    $108.67 $90.56 ex VAT
  9. Crockett & Jones

    Shoe Brush - Large

    $82.54 $68.78 ex VAT
  10. Santoni

    Small Nylon Polishing Shoe Brush

    $30.26 $25.22 ex VAT
  11. Santoni

    Grey Horsehair Polishing Brush

    $26.14 $21.78 ex VAT
  12. Santoni

    Nylon & Brass Small Suede Brush

    $26.14 $21.78 ex VAT

12 Items

per page
Set Descending Direction
Set Descending Direction