Luxury Italian Suits


Each and every season, Robert Old proudly presents hand-tailored suits made in Italy, featuring a full canvas construction that ensures unrivaled comfort & quality. Our expert team meticulously selects fabrics, handpicking only the finest materials from around the world. Among these selections are Loro Piana's exquisite super 150's Australian wool and Drago's indulgent Rugby flannels, all chosen exclusively for our suits. These suits epitomize the pinnacle of craftsmanship and luxury in men's fashion. Available in Regular and a tailored Slim fit. 



If you're seeking the ultimate tailored experience, we invite you to explore our in-store made-to-measure services featuring Belvest and Robert Old made in Italy.

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  1. Robert Old

    Blue Vertical Stripe 100% Wool Flannel Suit

    £1,189.00 £990.83 ex VAT
  2. Robert Old

    Navy Windowpane Check Super 130’s Wool Suit

    £1,089.00 £907.50 ex VAT
  3. Robert Old

    Navy & White Pinstripe Double-Breasted Suit

    £1,489.00 £1,240.83 ex VAT
  4. Robert Old

    Charcoal Wool Flannel Double-Breasted Suit

    £1,389.00 £1,157.50 ex VAT
  5. Robert Old

    Grey & Red Prince of Wales Check Three Piece Suit

    £1,689.00 £1,407.50 ex VAT
  6. Robert Old

    Navy Textured Wool & Silk Caccioppoli Tuxedo Suit

    £1,389.00 £1,157.50 ex VAT
  7. Robert Old

    Black Pin Dot Drago Wool Tuxedo Suit

    £1,289.00 £1,074.17 ex VAT
  8. Belvest

    Navy Pure Wool “CEO” Handcrafted Suit

    £2,489.00 £2,074.17 ex VAT
  9. Robert Old

    Beige Solaro 150s Wool Suit

    £1,289.00 £1,074.17 ex VAT
  10. Belvest

    Blue Check “Natural Soft” Pure Wool Suit

    £1,989.00 £1,657.50 ex VAT
  11. Robert Old

    Light Blue 100% Wool Suit

    £1,089.00 £907.50 ex VAT
  12. Robert Old

    Sage Loro Piana 100% Super 130s Wool Suit

    £1,289.00 £1,074.17 ex VAT
  13. Robert Old

    Blue Solaro 150s Wool Suit

    £1,289.00 £1,074.17 ex VAT
  14. Robert Old

    Navy Virgin Wool Super 150's Suit

    £1,489.00 £1,240.83 ex VAT
  15. Robert Old

    Light Blue Prince of Wales Check Wool Suit

    £1,389.00 £1,157.50 ex VAT
  16. Robert Old

    Navy Wool & Cashmere Windowpane Check Suit

    £1,289.00 £1,074.17 ex VAT
  17. Robert Old

    Grey and Purple Check Virgin Wool Suit

    Regular Price £1,289.00 Special Price £773.40 £644.50 ex VAT
  18. Robert Old

    Navy and White Pinstripe Virgin Wool Suit

    £1,389.00 £1,157.50 ex VAT
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