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Cashmere has always held a special place in our hearts here at Robert Old, and we take pride in hosting one of the world's largest men’s collections of styles and colours.

Handcrafted in Scotland, our selection includes timeless classics like cardigans, roll necks, V-necks, crews, polo shirts, and scarves, alongside contemporary options.

Sourced from the under fleece of the Hircus Goat native to Outer Mongolia, the finest cashmere is produced as insulation against extreme winters, reaching temperatures as low as -40°C. The undercoat, comprising the softest and finest hair, averages 14.5 microns in width—highlighting the delicacy and preciousness of cashmere. Harvested using a gentle combing procedure, the under fleece undergoes meticulous sorting, with 250 grams of raw hair yielding only 100 grams of the most desirable fibres, requiring the under hairs from at least three goats to produce a single cashmere pullover.

"Our collection comprises exclusively 'Grade A' cashmere, the epitome of softness and durability."

Robert Old cashmere arrives in Scotland in its raw form, where it undergoes hand sorting and washing in pure local waters before being dyed, spun into individually coloured yarns, and transported to Hawick for manufacturing. Our manufacturer, with a legacy dating back to 1874, combines modern technology with traditional craftsmanship, ensuring each garment is meticulously pieced together by hand.

Heavy with oil during production, the garments undergo washing in Hawick's soft water, revealing the signature cloud-soft touch that defines Scottish cashmere. Densely knitted to retain shape and appearance through decades of wear, our cashmere sweaters use as much cashmere as possible, with a high-quality 4-ply sweater revealing no trace of light when held up. 

"Cashmere is an investment—a timeless classic prized for its warmth and softness, known for durability and longevity."

Each piece in our cashmere range is meticulously selected, forming part of the curated Robert Old collection. We cater to quality-conscious gentlemen, delivering sophistication, comfort, and style.

Cashmere of this quality is a classic wardrobe staple that, when cared for correctly, will last for years.


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