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Our men's Cashmere Sweaters are crafted using the finest undercoat fibres of the Capra Hircus goat from Inner Mongolia.

Only the longest and thickest fibres from the raw harvest are accepted to be spun into yarn.

It takes the under-hair of at least three goats to produce one Cashmere sweater.

Such painstakingly produced knitwear only deserves to be cared for in the same way one might lovingly wash a new born baby; with warm water and good quality shampoo.

Begin by turning your Cashmere sweater inside out, this will not only give you the opportunity to notice once again from the label that your sweater is made using 100% Cashmere giving you a warm fuzzy feeling inside, but it will also protect the outside surface of the sweater during washing.

Fill a very clean sink or large bowl with warm water. If it is Halloween and you happen to have one to hand you may also use a Cauldron provided it falls into the same category of cleanliness as the aforementioned sink or bowl.

Washing Cashmere Sink

Add a good splash of specialist knitwear detergent. If you are seeking a retro experience you could try Woolite, or we understand 'The Laundress' Wool and Cashmere Shampoo to be very good.

Cashmere washing soapy water

If such things are not within easy reach it is perfectly acceptable to use Baby Shampoo.

Allow the shampoo to disperse evenly throughout the warm water before adding the sweater to the solution.

Knead the Cashmere sweater in the warm water with all the tenderness and care with which one might produce a loaf of artisan bread, before leaving it to rest for ten to fifteen minutes.

cashmere washing neading

Rinse the soapy sweater thoroughly with water of the same warm temperature several times to remove any trace of detergent, before gently squeezing to remove any excess water.

Do not Tumble Dry your Cashmere sweater in the same way that you would not Tumble Dry a washed child.

To allow the sweater to dry lay it flat on a towel in a warm room or cupboard. Make sure it is kept away from direct sources of light and heat.

Like a glamorous actress post rehab your Cashmere sweater may take a couple of days to fully dry out before it is ready to perform again.

Give your sweater a quick press with a warm iron before slipping it on or placing it neatly folded in a seal-able (assuring all moisture has been removed) freezer bag to protect it from Moths and storing it away from sunlight.

For general Care advice follow the like to our Care Guide

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