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Established by James Crockett and Charles Jones in 1879, Crockett & Jones offers some of the finest leather shoes in Britain. Focusing on detail, quality, comfort and durability they are the epitome of luxury shoe engineering. Homed in Northampton, Crockett’s expanded and developed throughout the 20th century. Part of this development resulted in the Goodyear welted construction which draws origination from USA and Charles Goodyear and is still in use today, thanks to its easy and fast method. The construction of their shoes requires over 200 separate operations in an 8-week period, but provides incomparable strength, durability and comfort. They take this further with the Hand Grade collection.


A portion of their collection is the ‘Hand Grade Collection’ which is a variety of shoes where the shoe making process has been taken a step further. Extra detailing consists of an asymmetric last, upper leather cuts, fine dyes and extensive hand-polishing. Additional focus is given to details such as the stitching around the uppers, while the soles are trimmed and stitched before final waxing. These production techniques elevate the shoe and can take 10 weeks from start to finish. Robert Old offers a selection of the Crockett & Jones hand grade collection, including the Lonsdale, Crawford, Audley, Seymour, Weymouth, Belgrave and Fairford. These shoes are offered in a variety of lasts in brown or black.

LAST 337

The 337 last originates from 2001, it consists of a soft square toe. It is a categorised as a more classic toe shape of what is offered. It is a traditional English last consistently utilised on Oxford business shoes. The Audley and Belgrave are available in 337 last. The Audley is an original from the hand grade collection, a straight cap Oxford with an abundance of quality. Made from the finest calf leather with single leather sole. The Belgrave, again is an original Oxford however is detailed with a punched detail across the toe cap. Made using the finest calf leather with single leather sole.

LAST 363

The 363 is a modern last developed in 2009 frequently found on contemporary business shoes. It consists of a soft round toe with asymmetric fit along with a slimmer back and narrower waist. This ensures one of Crockett & Jones best fitting lasts. We offer the Crawford and Lonsdale in the 363 last. The Crawford is a classic penny loafer crafted from the finest calf leather with single leather sole. The Lonsdale is a classic straight cap Oxford constructed from the finest calf leather with single leather sole - it also comes in a suede version.

LAST 373

The 373 last is unique to the hand grade collection. It has a sharp chisel toe with asymmetric fit, closer heel clipping and a narrower waist. It epitomises and finishes the most elegant handmade English shoes offered by Crockett & Jones. At Robert Old the Fairford, Seymour 3 & Weymouth 2 bare the 373 last. The Fairford is an intricate Oxford brogue with unique patterning, punch medallion. Finished with extensive hand polishing along with fine aniline dyes to ensure a rich depth of colour. The Seymour comes in the way of a double buckle monk shoe with plain front, made from the finest calf leather. The Weymouth is a classic Oxford shoe with punched medallion design, made from the finest calf leather.

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