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With the spotlight solely on Santoni shoes for today's blog, we are going to look at some of the most must-have styles in their collection. As well as tips and tricks to ensure you get the best from your shoes.


Founded in 1975 in the shoe making heartland of Italy. Santoni are known for quality, passion for detail and rigorous handmade workmanship. Their love of design and perfection, makes Santoni shoes standout, as well as their fine tune detailing and prismatic colours.


When it comes to clothing, a gentleman's shoe choice is undoubtedly the most important aspect. An otherwise refined ensemble can be ruined by the choice of footwear. Of course an exquisite pair of shoes should be worn with an attractive outfit, however even the most questionable attire can be salvaged by an attractive pair of shoes.

Personal budget of course needs to be considered when choosing shoes. However, formal shoes in particular are an investment and with the possibility with resoling as with some of Santoni's Goodyear welted shoes, years can be added to their life.

Good shoes will have been carefully crafted, potentially by hand and from the finest quality leather. Ideally a gentleman would own seven pairs of shoes, in order to alternate them daily and allow them to recover after every wear. Two pairs of high quality shoes however can be adequate, depending on ones lifestyle and occupation.

A good well renowned shoemaker, is a solid guarantee that the quality of the shoe will also be high. Due to this Santoni come highly recommended. To truly understand why, we would recommend taking a pair of their shoes and examining them closely. You will instantly recognise the craftsmanship and consideration that has gone into creating every pair of Santoni Shoes.


After a brief background on Santoni as a company and the importance of good shoes, we are now going to take a look at some of Robert Old's favourite Santoni styles. All of which are available to purchase in store and online. To view the online collection of Santoni shoes available click here. Alternatively, all images are also clickable.


Monk Shoe Style










Monk shoes are popular for their firm fit and convenient buckles. They found their name after resembling the buckle fastenings on monks' sandals.

This versatile style can be both worn formally and casually. Monk shoes are known for being remarkably comfortable, although they are unable offer the same adjustment that can be found with laces.

We would recommend to wear monk shoes with slim-cut trousers. This will ensure the buckles elegant details of the long vamp and brass buckle is shown off. Available with both a single buckle and double buckle, this classic style is a real show stopper.

Some of Robert Old's favourite Santoni Monk Shoe Styles can be found below:


Loafers are shoes that can be slipped on with ease. Loafers are generally less formal than laced shoes, however they can be just as versatile. Penny loafers first appeared within America in the 1930's and light loafers quickly become extremely popular.

The main benefit to loafers is that they do not have laces. This of course liberates the wearer of tying and untying their shoes on a regular basis. In this day and age loafers are now respected as a classic style. For very formal occasions however, laced shoes will always triumph.

The most popular style of loafers today are the penny and tassel.

Penny loafers are easily recognisable by the strap running horizontally across the vamp of the loafer. Within the strap there is an opening in the centre, which is the ideal size and shape for a small coin. Penny loafers look fantastic with casual wear such as chinos.

Tassel loafers originate from the same design found in boat shoes. The laces are passed through eyes and then tied into a bow on the instep. Original tassel loafers were then decorated with leather pompoms, purely for decorative purpose.

Some of Santoni's impressive loafer collection are shown below:


The Derby shoe has an open style lacing. This means that the sides of the shoes have been sewn on top of the front part. The vamp ( the part that covers the toes and instep) extends backwards from the tongue. Gentleman with wide feet will find the Derby suitably more comfortable, than say an Oxford.

Derby shoes are predominantly worn for smart occasions, although they can be matched for more casual situations. Derby shoes are arguably one of the most versatile shoe style, as they are able to bridge the gap between smart and casual.

Below you will find a selection of some of the finest Santoni Derby Shoes available at Robert Old:


Oxford Shoes are differentiated by having closed lacing. This means that the two sides of the upper are drawn together by the laces and are sewn together under the front of the shoe. Closed laced shoes close over a tongue, that is crafted from a piece of leather sewn on beneath the lacing. Closed laced shoes are considered more formal than open lacing and ideal for business and formal occasions.

The Oxford shoe style dates back over 200 years and was named by the students of Oxford University. You will commonly find Oxford shoes in either brown or black leather due to these colours being the most versatile colours for this classic style. Santoni however also make use of Blue, which is becoming increasingly popular colour for formal attire, especially weddings.

Below you will find a refined selection of Santoni Oxford Shoes:


Originally designed for sports and exercise, sneakers have evolved throughout the years to become a timeless style, ideal for casual affairs. Santoni have an impressive selection of sneakers including both low top and high top styles.

For a modern day contemporary feel, sneakers can be the perfect accomplice to dress down suits for nonchalant, casual vibe.

A fine sample of Santoni sneakers can be shown below:


Next we have the driving shoe. Made famous by the Italians in the 1960's, driving shoes were invented for men who wanted extra grip while driving. These days this comfortable and classic shoe is a stylish alternative to the boat shoe.

Driving shoes are often available in bright colours and suede and can be a fantastic lightweight loafer substitute that boasts slipper like comfort.

Driving shoes look most fashionable, when paired with fitted jeans or shorts. Ultimately a casual shoe, for a smarter look we suggest reverting back to the loafer. Santoni are famous for their prismatic colours, which makes their driving shoes well desired.

Below you can find a sample of Santoni's sophisticated driving shoes:


Santoni offer a fantastic range of Italian boots, crafted from refined suede and luxury calf leathers.

For casual country styling, the Chelsea boot is an ideal choice. Chelsea boots are a timeless favourite and are identifiable by their elasticated side panel.

Another fantastic boot option available from Santoni is the Chukka boot. Chukka boots, otherwise known as desert boots are usually unlined, although lined versions are also available.

With so many different styles of fantastic Santoni Boots available, we have shown a few of our favourites below:


  • Match socks to your suit colour, not your shoes. If going for a contrasting colour, match them to accessories such as your tie or pocket square.
  • Never sacrifice fit and comfort and invest in quality. This will save you money in years to come.


  • Leather soles have been known to expand when wet. Avoid very wet conditions when wearing your shoes for the first two or three outings.
  • Leather shoes can often take a day to dry out fully from natural perspiration. Where possible alternate shoes daily.
  • Ensure shoes are dry before applying polish.
  • Suede and new-buck uppers can be treated with a suede protection spray. For stubborn stains use a suede shampoo.
  • Revive suede shoes using steam from the kettle and gently cleaning it with a rubber suede brush.

A fantastic array of our Santoni shoes can be located here. Alternatively, click here to view all of our shoes.

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