Inject some Saint-Tropez style into your summer look with a pair of Vilebrequin mens swim shorts. Established in 1971, Vilebrequin swimwear is famed for its bold colours and vibrant prints. Enjoyed worldwide by the fashion-savvy jet-set, Vilebrequin’s designer swimwear is a must have for style conscious men.

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  1. Vilebrequin

    Calanque Blue Linen Pyramid Polo Shirt

    £130.00 £108.33 ex VAT
  2. Vilebrequin

    Blue ‘Starlettes & Coraux’ Swim Shorts

    £220.00 £183.33 ex VAT
  3. Vilebrequin

    Navy ‘Carapaces’ Moorea Swim Shorts

    £220.00 £183.33 ex VAT
  4. Vilebrequin

    Blue ‘Piranhas’ Water-Reactive Swim Shorts

    £195.00 £162.50 ex VAT
  5. Vilebrequin

    Navy ‘Poulpes Bicolores’ Moorea Swim Shorts

    £230.00 £191.67 ex VAT
  6. Vilebrequin

    Blue ‘Crabs & Shrimps’ Mahina Swim Shorts

    £230.00 £191.67 ex VAT
  7. Vilebrequin

    Navy Linen Bermuda Cargo Shorts

    £190.00 £158.33 ex VAT
  8. Vilebrequin

    White Linen Bermuda Cargo Shorts

    £190.00 £158.33 ex VAT
  9. Vilebrequin

    ‘Provencal Turtles’ Moorise Stretch Swim Shorts

    £230.00 £191.67 ex VAT
  10. Vilebrequin

    Blue ‘Ocean Print’ Moorise Stretch Swim Shorts

    £230.00 £191.67 ex VAT
  11. Vilebrequin

    Tomette Red Linen Pyramid Polo Shirt

    £130.00 £108.33 ex VAT
  12. Vilebrequin

    Navy Linen Pyramid Polo Shirt

    £130.00 £108.33 ex VAT
  13. Vilebrequin

    Navy Logo Terry Polo Shirt

    £130.00 £108.33 ex VAT
  14. Vilebrequin

    Lazulli Blue ‘Tropical Turtles’ Moorea Swim Shorts

    £205.00 £170.83 ex VAT
  15. Vilebrequin

    Sea Blue ‘Turtle Splash’ Mahina Swim Shorts

    £205.00 £170.83 ex VAT
  16. Vilebrequin

    Navy Wool ‘Micro-Carreaux’ Milton Swim Shorts

    £190.00 £158.33 ex VAT
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Vilebrequin luxury French brand, specialising in ready-to-wear men’s designer swimwear.

Once-upon-a-time in 1971 Saint Tropez, France, Fred Prysquel, a photographer and automobile enthusiast, took his inspiration from a café table cloth and made the swim suit of his dreams. Soon later he was designing the famous Moorea swims shorts. Vilebrequin bright fresh colours and patterns have made them the successful brand they are today.

Named after the French word for ‘Crankshaft’, partly as Fred Prysquel was a motor racing fan, and partly because it was an odd sounding word, Vilebrequin have retained this run side to their business throughout the years and soon became renowned for their stylish design, superior comfort and practicality. Originally made from fast drying spinnaker cloth, the brand has now developed the lightweight, comfort fabric of today’s swimsuits.

Made in Europe, with 32 different manufacturing phases required for each pair, the style and quality of these shorts makes Vilebrequin worth every penny. With head designers hand sketching designs before adding the bright colours they are famed for, Vilebrequin triumph over other luxury brands with their unique prints and techniques. Popular designs like their, the ‘Waldo’ swim shorts, their signature turtles and their father and son ranges, have kept this brand at the top of the designer swimwear crowd.

Internationally celebrated Vilebrequin also has quite the celebrity following, including owners such as; Brad Pitt, George Clooney, Mark Wahlberg, Harry Styles, Leonardo DiCaprio, Hugh Jackman, to name but a few.

The variety of styles such as; the famed Moorea, the stretchy Moorise and lightweight packable Mahina, are all available to buy on our online store and in our Bournemouth, UK based shop. Vilebrequin are made small to size and we recommend purchasing a size larger than you would originally wear.

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