One of the world's rarest natural fibres; Cashmere is universally prized for its warmth and sublime softness. The origins of Cashmere date back hundreds of years and travel thousands of miles from its now synonymous Scotland.

The word cashmere is closely linked with the northwest region of Kashmir in South Asia which lies between the Himalayas and the Pir Panjal mountain range. It is here that it is possible to trace the discovery and early production of Cashmere to the fourteenth century.

It is believed that a Persian named Mir Sayyid Al Hamadani can be credited with discovering that the goats native to the region produced a soft undercoat which could be spun and woven to produce a textile. The skills and knowledge he brought to Kashmir gave rise to an industry which now dominates the luxury textile industry.

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The finest Cashmere comes from the under fleece of the Hircus Goat native to Outer Mongolia and China. It is produced as insulation against the hostile winters, with temperatures reaching as low as -40°C.

The undercoat, located beneath the longer and coarser outer layers, consists of the softest and finest hair. The width of the most desirable hair averages 14.5 microns, compared to human hair, which ranges from 60 to 100 microns. This difference highlights just how delicate and precious cashmere truly is.

Each spring, when the weather is mildest, semi-nomadic goat herders harvest the precious under fleece using a gentle and harmless combing procedure. After an exacting sorting process, the average 250g of hair taken from each goat yields only 100g of the most desirable fibers. It takes the finest under hairs from at least three goats to produce just one cashmere pullover.


Our Scottish manufacturers source only the finest luxury fibres from herders in Mongolia to produce a standard of quality synonymous with a company that has held luxury at its core for over 100 years.

Outstandingly soft Scottish water is the vital ingredient in producing the world’s softest, most luxurious cashmere. This unparalleled softness cannot be replicated anywhere else.

When the cashmere arrives in Scotland, it is unrecognisable as oily, matted hair. It is meticulously hand-sorted and is transformed when it is washed in pure local waters before being dyed and spun by Todd & Duncan.

The yarns are then transported to Hawick for the next stage of manufacturing. Here, centuries-old techniques are seamlessly combined with the latest technology and skillful hand-finishing. This harmonious process produces cashmere pieces that are made to last, defining luxury and quality.


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