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Not all of our clients are fortunate enough to be able to step into a ready-made designer suit. A poor fit can be uncomfortable as well as unflattering.
Step 1

The Consultation

Upon arriving at Robert Old for your appointment, your tailoring consultant will greet you on our first floor. During your consultation, we will discuss your ideas, expectations, and any specific requirements you may have regarding timing, style, and budget.

Step 2

Style & Design

After outlining the plans for your garment, we’ll begin crafting your vision by selecting the style and shape, including details such as pocket cuts, vents, and lapels. Choosing the right cloth is crucial; we offer a vast selection ranging from the finest Italian mills to classic British producers such as Loro Piana, Standeven, Fox Brothers, W-Bill, and Drago to name only a few.

To complement your chosen cloth and style, we provide options for buttons, linings, elbow patches, meltons, stitching, and monograms, ensuring each garment is as unique as its wearer

Step 3

The Fitting

Nobody is the perfect shape, during the fitting we will discuss your preferences on how the garments is to be worn whether it be slim or classily draped. The consultant will take core measurements to establish the Master Garment. This is the point where your garment will start to take shape, areas of improvement will be addressed and measurements will be taken to create the optimum fit.

Having an experienced team of tailoring consultants Robert Old has a wealth of knowledge to service the most unusual shapes, but there are parameters to which we work so please be prepared for extra fittings if required.

Step 4

Garment Creation

Your order will be finalised by the consultant and in a few short weeks (4-6) your garment will be with us at Robert Old after being crafted by our tailoring house in Italy.

Step 5

Final Fitting

On the garments arrival the consultant will quality check the measurements before contacting yourself for a final fitting. During this fitting you will try your specially made garment for the first time. The consultant will then make any minor adjustments that will be carried out by the in House Master tailor. Within a few short days your garment should be ready for collection.

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