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Like Achilles and his heel, the most elegant and aesthetically pleasing of tailored ensembles can so easily be ruined by a wrinkled shirt. Taking the necessary time and care to ensure that you have a perfectly pressed shirt will pay dividends.

Cotton shirts should not be tumble dried and are best ironed when damp.

If the shirt has dried completely take a spray bottle of fresh water and add moisture to the cloth, place it in a plastic bag and allow the moisture to distribute evenly for a few minutes.

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Ensure the iron is sufficiently hot and filled with water before you begin.

  1. Turn the shirt collar up and lay it flat on the ironing board with the back facing up.
  2. Gently press from left to right using a little steam. Repeat the same process on the other side taking care not to over-iron the corners of the collar as they are very delicate. Fold the collar and lightly press the seam to give the collar its original shape.
  3. Fashion the yoke over the smaller end of the ironing board and press out any creases. Repeat the same process on the other side of the yoke. Many overlook this area of the shirt when ironing, however when the jacket is removed any such ill-attentions will be spotted immediately.
  4. Next begin with the cuffs. Whether they are single or double iron only the inside from left to right and in the case of a double cuff press in a neat crease to return it to its original shape. To iron the sleeves ensure that they lie flat with no creases in either of the layers of cloth. Start from the top of the sleeve and work down towards the cuff using plenty of steam.
  5. Place the left side of the front of the shirt over the ironing board, steam the cloth and iron carefully from the top down to the bottom. Pay special attention to the Placket and Pocket should they feature and press lightly.
  6. Rotate the shirt around moving through the back to the opposite side repeating the same process. Be delicate with the buttons of the shirt and iron between each one using the tip of the iron.

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The shirt should now be perfectly ironed. Place it on a wooden hanger and fasten the top button to ensure the collar keeps its shape.

Wear at your leisure and be confident in the knowledge that your shirt will not let your outfit down.

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