Elevate your wardrobe with a Robert Old Tailored Jacket. We take immense pride in presenting meticulously hand-tailored jackets crafted in Italy, featuring a full canvas construction that ensures unparalleled comfort and quality. Our expert team goes above and beyond, selecting fabrics with the utmost care and handpicking only the finest materials from around the globe. Among these selections, you'll find pure cashmere from Joshua Ellis, indulgent wool cashmere tweeds from Standeven, and the light linens of Solbiati's, all exclusively chosen for our jackets. These jackets truly epitomize the pinnacle of craftsmanship and luxury in men's fashion and are available in both Regular and a finely tailored Slim fit.


For those in pursuit of the ultimate tailored experience, we invite you to explore our in-store made-to-measure services, featuring options from Belvest and Robert Old, both crafted in Italy. Explore Now

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  1. Belvest

    Light Blue "Natural Soft" Wool and Silk Jacket

    £1,789.00 £1,490.83 ex VAT
  2. Robert Old

    Dark Green & Blue Check Wool, Silk, & Cashmere Jacket

    £1,189.00 £990.83 ex VAT
  3. Robert Old

    Mid Blue Corduroy Jacket

    £889.00 £740.83 ex VAT
  4. Robert Old

    Light Blue Corduroy Jacket

    £889.00 £740.83 ex VAT
  5. Robert Old

    Brown Glenesk Check Wool & Cashmere Jacket

    £989.00 £824.17 ex VAT
  6. Robert Old

    Blue Check Wool, Silk, & Cashmere Jacket

    £1,289.00 £1,074.17 ex VAT
  7. Robert Old

    Brown Mélange Super 110’s Wool Jacket

    £889.00 £740.83 ex VAT
  8. Robert Old

    Navy & Grey Twill Pure Wool Jacket

    £889.00 £740.83 ex VAT
  9. Robert Old

    Green & Black Paisley Wool & Silk Jacquard Tuxedo Jacket

    £1,289.00 £1,074.17 ex VAT
  10. Robert Old

    Blue & Black Floral Caccioppoli Jacquard Tuxedo Jacket

    £1,189.00 £990.83 ex VAT
  11. Robert Old

    Navy Denim Unlined Cotton Stretch Blazer

    £989.00 £824.17 ex VAT
  12. Robert Old

    Cream Linen & Cotton Italian Knitted Unstructured Blazer

    £469.00 £390.83 ex VAT
  13. Belvest

    Light Blue Twill Linen & Wool ‘’Jacket In The Box’’

    £1,489.00 £1,240.83 ex VAT
  14. Belvest

    Navy "Natural Soft" Silk & Wool Jacket

    £1,489.00 £1,240.83 ex VAT
  15. Robert Old

    Light Blue Loro Piana Herringbone Linen Jacket

    £889.00 £740.83 ex VAT
  16. Robert Old

    Lime Green Loro Piana Herringbone Linen Jacket

    £889.00 £740.83 ex VAT
  17. Robert Old

    Chestnut Suede Unstructured Blazer

    £1,289.00 £1,074.17 ex VAT
  18. Belvest

    Cream & Blue Check Cotton, Linen, & Wool Jacket

    £1,489.00 £1,240.83 ex VAT
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