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With classic and contemporary styles of oxford shoes from English shoemakers Crockett and Jones and Italians Santoni Shoes in our online range of designer mens shoes, you are sure to find an oxford shoe to fit the occasion.

Looking for mens wedding shoes? Then a pair of black oxford shoes are the perfect solution - timeless and stylish.

The mens oxford shoe offers great versatility both as work shoes or for any formal occasion. Our wide selection of oxford shoes means you have plenty of styles to choose from; leather or rubber soles, suede or calf leather uppers, available in a variety of colours, sizes and fits.

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  1. Santoni

    Dark Brown Deerskin Oxford Shoe

    £589.00 £490.83 ex VAT
  2. Santoni

    Dark Brown Lace Up Handmade Oxford Shoe

    £589.00 £490.83 ex VAT
  3. Crockett & Jones

    Lonsdale Dark Brown Calf Suede Oxford Shoes

    £560.00 £466.67 ex VAT
  4. Santoni

    Mahogany Brown Oxford Lace up

    £589.00 £490.83 ex VAT
  5. Crockett & Jones

    Connaught Men's Oxford Shoes

    £470.00 £391.67 ex VAT
  6. Crockett & Jones

    Westbourne Oxford Shoes

    £495.00 £412.50 ex VAT
  7. Santoni

    Dark Brown Lace Up Oxford Shoe

    £689.00 £574.17 ex VAT
  8. Crockett & Jones

    Malton Semi Brogue Shoes

    £475.00 £395.83 ex VAT
  9. Crockett & Jones

    Lonsdale Oxford Shoes

    £650.00 £541.67 ex VAT
  10. Crockett & Jones

    Fairford Handgrade Oxford Brogue Shoes

    £640.00 £533.33 ex VAT
  11. Crockett & Jones

    Westfield Tobacco Suede Oxford Brogue Shoes

    £465.00 £387.50 ex VAT
  12. Crockett & Jones

    Hallam Oxford Shoes - E Fitting

    £470.00 £391.67 ex VAT
  13. Crockett & Jones

    Audley Oxford Shoes

    £620.00 £516.67 ex VAT
  14. Crockett & Jones

    Belgrave Hand Grade Oxford Shoes

    £620.00 £516.67 ex VAT
  15. Crockett & Jones

    Weymouth II Handgrade Oxford Lace up

    £630.00 £525.00 ex VAT
  16. Crockett & Jones

    Alex Black Calf Oxford Shoes

    £485.00 £404.17 ex VAT
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