MooRER is the ultimate brand for men who seek luxury clothing and outerwear that combines practicality, elegance, and comfort. 

When in search of the perfect coats, knitwear, and denim jeans for the upcoming colder seasons, turn your attention to Moorer, a renowned northern Italian brand now available at Robert Old this season. Moorer embodies cutting-edge technology, utilitarian style, and timeless practicality, striving to craft some of the world's finest Siberian goose-down coats, Japanese denim jeans, and lambswool quarter-zip sweatshirts.

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  1. Moorer

    Navy ‘Bruzio’ Crew Neck Pure Cotton T-shirt

    £299.00 £249.17 ex VAT
  2. Moorer

    Navy 'Ezio' Lightweight Water Repellent Coat

    £1,049.00 £874.17 ex VAT
  3. Moorer

    Ivory 'Darren' Lightweight Bomber Jacket

    £1,479.00 £1,232.50 ex VAT
  4. Moorer

    Indigo Blue 'Calaf' Down Filled Gilet

    £739.00 £615.83 ex VAT
  5. Moorer

    Pink ‘Fedro’ Knit Zip Neck Sweater

    £659.00 £549.17 ex VAT
  6. Moorer

    Dark Blue ‘Vermont’ Padded Duster Coat

    £1,499.00 £1,249.17 ex VAT
  7. Moorer

    Navy 'Zayn' Down-Filled Padded Coat

    £1,089.00 £907.50 ex VAT
  8. Moorer

    Navy ‘Monferrato’ Cashmere & Virgin Wool Longline Coat

    £1,989.00 £1,657.50 ex VAT
  9. Moorer

    Cyan ‘Terni’ Wave Knit Half-Zip Wool Sweater

    £589.00 £490.83 ex VAT
  10. Moorer

    Dark Grey Vanisé Knit Wool Cashmere Half-Zip Sweater

    £739.00 £615.83 ex VAT
  11. Moorer

    China Blue ‘Frankie’ Vanisé Knit Crew Neck Sweater

    £639.00 £532.50 ex VAT
  12. Moorer

    Burnt Orange Vanisé Knit Wool Cashmere Half-Zip Sweater

    £739.00 £615.83 ex VAT
  13. Moorer

    Lavagna Grey ‘Calegari’ Down-Filled Padded Coat

    £1,389.00 £1,157.50 ex VAT
  14. Moorer

    Military Green ‘Casciano’ Padded Down Jacket

    £1,989.00 £1,657.50 ex VAT
  15. Moorer

    Dark Navy ‘Fire’ Down Filled Gilet

    £899.00 £749.17 ex VAT
  16. Moorer

    Light Blue 'Pachino' Cotton Jersey Polo Shirt

    £369.00 £307.50 ex VAT
  17. Moorer

    Mid-Wash Natural Indigo Slim Fit 'Credi' Denim Jeans

    £379.00 £315.83 ex VAT
  18. Moorer

    Light Natural Indigo Slim Fit 'Credi' Denim Jeans

    £489.00 £407.50 ex VAT
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More about MooRER!! Moorer's dedication to meticulous attention to detail at every stage of the manufacturing process sets them apart. They seamlessly blend traditional practices and modern technology in their quest for classic wardrobe essentials with a distinctive character. The outwear from Moorer stands as a pinnacle of performance textiles expertly incorporated into highly technical garments, offering a wide collection with varying levels of thermal insulation and water resistance, each distinguished by its grading system. MooRER describes their down coats as 'the best down coats in the world,' Moorer's Siberian goose down undergoes a rigorous manual selection and cleaning process in Italy, meticulously removing natural impurities such as the bone of the feather. This results in unparalleled thermal regulation and lightness, showcasing the finest aspects of Siberian goose down. The careful composition of Siberian goose down and other premium natural fibers like merino wool forms the backbone of Moorer's outwear, ensuring an unmatched level of luxury and insulation for everyday wear.