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An inspired gentlemen’s collection proudly curated through a desire to achieve the finest quality from the best possible artisan producers from around the world exclusively available online and in our Bournemouth store. Featuring the finest handcrafted Scottish Lambswool & pure Cashmere sweaters and Scarves, English made casual shirts using luxurious Swiss and Italian cottons, Full canvas Italian tailored suits and jackets, Leather jackets and coats, Cashmere and wool Blouson and overcoats and gentlemen’s accessories such as leather belts, silk ties and pocket squares.

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  1. Robert Old

    Tiree 4ply Crew Neck Cashmere Sweater - Derby Grey

    £359.00 £299.17 ex VAT
  2. Robert Old

    Tobermorey 4ply V-Neck Cashmere Sweater - Derby Grey

    £359.00 £299.17 ex VAT
  3. Robert Old

    Grey Floral Piquet Cotton Vintage Effect Polo Shirt

    £129.00 £107.50 ex VAT
  4. Robert Old

    Brae 2 ply V-Neck Lambswool Sweater - Flannel Grey

    £115.00 £95.83 ex VAT
  5. Robert Old

    Mallaig 4ply Cashmere Cardigan - Derby Grey

    £429.00 £357.50 ex VAT
  6. Robert Old

    Double Breasted Wool, Cashmere and Linen Overcoat

    £1,189.00 £990.83 ex VAT
  7. Robert Old

    Slate Slim Fit Stretch Cotton Chino Shorts

    £149.00 £124.17 ex VAT
  8. Robert Old

    The Wellington Cashmere Ribbed Zip Neck Sweater - Flannel - Earl Grey

    £429.00 £357.50 ex VAT
  9. Robert Old

    Pewter & Cobalt Windowpane Cashmere Scarf

    £129.00 £107.50 ex VAT
  10. Robert Old

    Charcoal Pure Cotton Long Sleeve Shirt

    £209.00 £174.17 ex VAT
  11. Robert Old

    Grey & Blue Check Blazer

    £889.00 £740.83 ex VAT
  12. Robert Old

    Grey Slim Fit Chino Trousers

    £189.00 £157.50 ex VAT
  13. Robert Old

    Stone Stretch Cotton Blazer

    £395.00 £329.17 ex VAT
  14. Robert Old

    Light Grey Melange 100% Virgin Wool Button Neck Sweater

    £195.00 £162.50 ex VAT
  15. Robert Old

    Navy & Charcoal Check 100% Cashmere scarf

    £129.00 £107.50 ex VAT
  16. Robert Old

    Modern Tartan 100% Cashmere Scarf

    £129.00 £107.50 ex VAT
  17. Robert Old

    The Blenheim Cashmere Sleeveless V-neck Sweater

    £249.00 £207.50 ex VAT
  18. Robert Old

    Tiree 4ply Crew Neck Cashmere Sweater

    £359.00 £299.17 ex VAT

Items 1-18 of 32

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Set Descending Direction