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Established in 1958 by Claudio and Carlalberto Corneliani, the Italian designer brand Corneliani is to this day still a family-owned firm. Leaders in high-end elegant menswear, Corneliani brings together the quality craftsmanship of the past with cutting-edge technology of today to create their impeccable sartorial collections.

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  1. Corneliani

    Charcoal Lightweight Knitted Wool Sweater

    £319.00 £265.83 ex VAT
  2. Corneliani

    Brown Grain Leather Sandals with Strap

    £169.00 £140.83 ex VAT
  3. Corneliani

    Brown Grain Leather Sandals

    £159.00 £132.50 ex VAT
  4. Corneliani

    Navy Harrington Bomber Jacket

    £419.00 £349.17 ex VAT
  5. Corneliani

    Navy Lambskin Suede Leather Gradient Bomber Jacket

    £1,129.00 £940.83 ex VAT
  6. Corneliani

    Navy Lightweight Knitted Wool Sweater

    £279.00 £232.50 ex VAT
  7. Corneliani

    Black ID Cotton Jeans

    £239.00 £199.17 ex VAT
  8. Corneliani

    Light Blue ID Cotton Jeans

    £239.00 £199.17 ex VAT
  9. Corneliani

    Charcoal Virgin Wool & Angora 3/4 Coat

    £989.00 £824.17 ex VAT
  10. Corneliani

    Charcoal Checked Layered ID Blazer

    £919.00 £765.83 ex VAT
  11. Corneliani

    Black Faux Suede Quilted Coat

    £569.00 £474.17 ex VAT
  12. Corneliani

    Navy ID Bomber Jacket Style Coat

    £469.00 £390.83 ex VAT
  13. Corneliani

    Beige ID Water Resistant Jacket

    £729.00 £607.50 ex VAT
  14. Corneliani

    Navy Seersucker Cotton Short Sleeve Shirt

    £149.00 £124.17 ex VAT
  15. Corneliani

    Rustic Red Cotton Crew Neck Jumper

    £179.00 £149.17 ex VAT
  16. Corneliani

    Navy Blue Stripe Linen Crew Neck Jumper

    £209.00 £174.17 ex VAT
  17. Corneliani

    ID Navy Lightweight Bomber Jacket

    £389.00 £324.17 ex VAT
  18. Corneliani

    Blue Leaf Print Lightweight Polo Shirt

    £209.00 £174.17 ex VAT

Items 1-18 of 47

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From their flagship store in Milan, Italy this prestigious brand has now expanded worldwide, offering an exclusive range of menswear.

With an elite following, Corneliani has been seen from the front cover of GQ magazine to London’s notorious fashion week.

Famed for their quality coats, Corneliani designer menswear has now a vast variety of luxury garments. From blazers and shirts, to polo shirts and trousers, their impeccable tailoring plus inventive use of fabric, precedes this brand’s exceptional reputation.

In 2005 Corneliani launched their Milestone range, creating sophisticated leisurely wear with a fully versatile edge. The very popular Identity Paddock jacket (also well known as ‘ID’ Paddock jacket), features a comfortable, flexible, and naturally glamourous fabric along with interchangeable options, for a fully versatile garment and the ability to wear all day. From the success of their ID Paddock jacket under their ‘Milestone’ range, Corneliani have gone on to produce other icons for leisure time, such as; the ID Club Blazer, the Identity Coat and O-jacket.

A refined, sophisticated choice, Corneliani’s tailoring expertise will add luxurious Italian quality to any conventional occasion.

We are proud to offer Corneliani’s latest range of menswear and exemplary pieces from their ID range, available to buy online and at Robert Old’s Bournemouth, UK based store.

Free shipping available online worldwide.

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