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Jacob Cohen jeans are all manufactured in Italy, made using an exclusive Japanese Kurabo denim and embrace the tailored Jeans concept. Care and attention is paid to even the smallest detail with these designer men's jeans from the embroidered horse hide belt lop, silver plated buttons and rivets to the chain-stitched hem.

Each pair of Jacob Cohen jeans comes with a spool of thread to match the stitching and pumice stone for any possible hem adjustments, as well as a cloth to polish the silver buttons and a silk pochette.

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  1. Jacob Cohen

    Dark Denim J620 Straight Leg Jeans

    £359.00 £299.17 ex VAT
  2. Jacob Cohen

    Mid Wash Faded Style J622 Low Rise Slim Leg

    £339.00 £282.50 ex VAT
  3. Jacob Cohen

    Denim Blue J620 Straight Leg Jeans

    £329.00 £274.17 ex VAT
  4. Jacob Cohen

    Indigo Blue J688 Slim Fit Jeans

    £339.00 £282.50 ex VAT
  5. Jacob Cohen

    Charcoal J688 Slim Fit Jeans

    £349.00 £290.83 ex VAT
  6. Jacob Cohen

    Blue Faded Style J688 Slim Fit Jeans

    £479.00 £399.17 ex VAT
  7. Jacob Cohen

    Limited Edition J622 Low Rise Slim Leg Jeans

    £489.00 £407.50 ex VAT
  8. Jacob Cohen

    Deep Blue J620 Straight Leg jeans

    £309.00 £257.50 ex VAT
  9. Jacob Cohen

    Dark Denim J622 'We are the MODS' Slim leg Jeans

    £419.00 £349.17 ex VAT
  10. Jacob Cohen

    White Cotton Piqué Polo shirt

    £139.00 £115.83 ex VAT
  11. Jacob Cohen

    Mid Blue J620 Straight Leg Jeans

    £319.00 £265.83 ex VAT
  12. Jacob Cohen

    Limited Edition Dark Washed Japanese Denim J622 Fit Jeans

    £439.00 £365.83 ex VAT
  13. Jacob Cohen

    Solid Blue J622 Slim Fit Jeans

    £339.00 £282.50 ex VAT
  14. Jacob Cohen

    Light Wash Denim J622 Slim Fit Jeans

    £379.00 £315.83 ex VAT
  15. Jacob Cohen

    Dark Denim J688 Slim Fit Jeans

    £389.00 £324.17 ex VAT
  16. Jacob Cohen

    Dark Wash J688 Slim Fit Jeans

    £279.00 £232.50 ex VAT
  17. Jacob Cohen

    Ice Beige J622 Slim Fit Jeans

    £339.00 £282.50 ex VAT
  18. Jacob Cohen

    Dark Navy Denim J622 Slim Fit Jeans

    £279.00 £232.50 ex VAT

Jacob Cohen are internationally celebrated for fusing high-performance Japanese fabrics with exquisite Italian tailoring. Created in 1985 by Nicola Bardelle and still owned by his son Tato Bardelle, Jacob Cohen give a unique effort to make their manufacturing process as environmentally friendly as possible. Using natural indigo dyes and Greek pumice stones, makes each jean an individual and worth every penny.

Handcrafted, Jacob Cohen focus on offering a vast variety of denims, from classic blue tones to contemporary black washes. Alongside the elite denim, Jacob Cohen jeans are characterised by three jean models; the straight leg J620, the low-rise slim cut J622 and the iconic slim fit J688. Each jean includes hand-written care instructions, silver plated buttons, Jacob Cohens signature back belt patch and a spool of extra thread in the same colour of the stitches throughout the jeans. Their alluring signature scent, also accompanies each of these adored pieces.

Known rightly as icons in the fashion world, these jeans have incredible detail from intricate stitching, pocket details, to unique buttons, they are an innovative, creative jean, that shows off the brands creative flare for one-off denims.

What separates this brand from the rest of the high-end crowd is their ‘better with age’ preeminence. Designed to mold to the wearer, making them more and more comfortable with age.

Forming an essential part of your everyday wardrobe, find the perfect pair for you on our online shop or at our Bournemouth, UK based Robert Old store.

Free shipping available worldwide.

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