This iconic American label originates back to 1865, where Stetson first created a hat to withstand all weathers. Today with a much wider selection of hats, Stetson utilises premium leathers, wools and cashmere to create the pinnacle of their infamous trade mark style. Each Stetson is handcrafted and finished with the label’s timeless logo.

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  1. Stetson

    Cashmere and Silk Melange Herringbone Flat Cap

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  2. Stetson

    Colour Dots Hatteras Flat Cap

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  3. Stetson

    Blue Harris Tweed Hatteras Flat Caps

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  4. Stetson

    Grey Heather Wool Hatteras Flat Cap

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  5. Stetson

    Brown-Blue Alpaca Wool Flat Cap

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  6. Stetson

    Charcoal Wool & Cashmere Blend Hatteras Flat Cap

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  7. Stetson

    Navy Wool & Cashmere Blend Hatteras Flat Cap

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  8. Stetson

    Olive Hatteras Wax Flat Cap with Ear Flaps

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  9. Stetson

    Dark Brown Hatteras Pigskin Leather Cap

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The John B. Stetson, inventor and founder of John B. Stetson Company, started the company in 1865 and is the maker of the famous Stetson cowboy hats.

John B. Stetson, during a lengthy Western expedition, created ‘Boss of the Plains’, with its iconic high crown and wide flat brim. This soon became the prototype for all other cowboy hat designs.

Located just outside of Dallas, Texas the sprawling factory offer the factory workers a relatively unchanged manufacturing process, for over a century. The factory produces about 1,500 hats per day, ranging from straw hats, baker boy hats and of course, Cowboys hats.

Concentrating on quality, Stetson sells premium hats from only high-end raw materials. Beaver, rabbit, wild hair, cashmere and virgin wools are used to produce their famous waterproof, crushable felt. Stetsons felt is made to keep wet weather out but keep the warmth in.

Stetson hats are sized in centimeters, ranging from small to XXlarge, making it easy to find the perfect fit. Waterproof and easy to care for these hats can get wet, crushed, squashed and still bounce back to their original glory.

Although the production numbers are down from their soaring popularity on the 1920s, Stetson still have a huge following for these premium hats. Famous Stetson owner include; Brad Pitt, Johnny Depp, Matthew McConaughey, and Prince William just to name but a few.

Our own timeless collection includes; Vita felt cowboy style hat, the Traveller fur felt hat and the popular baker boy Hatteras range.

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