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Heaven For Leather

It’s no secret that if you’re looking for a leather jacket of iconic proportions, Belstaff is the answer.

Brad Pitt, Tom Cruise, Will Smith, Ewan McGregor, David Beckham - they are all testament to the high profile Belstaff wearers of the world. And let’s face it, quite besides the illustrious and impressive heritage of the brand, Belstaff is, quite simply, something

Crafted from oiled and hand-waxed leather, each with a unique depth of colour, the Trialmaster Panther and men’s Gangster jacket gloriously epitomise Belstaff’s exclusive artisanal finishing.

"Proudly and Exclusively stocking signature Leathers"

Wax and Quilted Jackets

To celebrate its 70th birthday, the Trialmaster was updated to give a more streamlined fit, but with all the essence of the original. The Trialmaster’s waxed finish and velvet lined collar, cuffs and rear hem combines luxury with practicality.

The Belstaff Adventure

If you’ re a long time Belstaff lover adding to your collection, buying online might be an option. However, if you’ re new to the Belstaff adventure - or want to see, feel, smell and try on a new leather or waxed jacket, Merino knitwear cardigan or zip through, there’ s nothing like the in-store service and experience.

In Store Exclusive

There’s only one place in Bournemouth for Belstaff, and that’ s here at Robert Old in our Westover Road store, Bournemouth. Proudly and exclusively stocking signature leathers such as the Trialmaster Panther, along waxed jackets, gilets, knits and t shirts; your Belstaff adventure begins at Robert Old.

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