Exploring the versatility of a Two-Piece Suit


By the Robert Old Team

1st June 2023

There are many factors to be considered when purchasing a suit, and often this can be overwhelming. There’s the style, colour, formality and of course the cost. From our experience of dressing the discerning Gentlemen for over 110 years, a two-piece suit offers a perfect canvas for versatility and styling. Read on to explore the many ways you can utilise a two-piece suit in your everyday outfitting...

We start with perhaps a surprising option, the Robert Old sage green wool two-piece. You might be thinking that a bright colour would be a little more difficult to style, but its the warm hue that really accentuates its versatility with your classic wardrobe essentials.

Dressed to the Max

We start with a suit’s traditionally considered purpose - formal attire. The satin finish of the Super 130’s Loro Piana cloth lends itself perfectly for creating a crisp formal ensemble. This suit is ideal for a very modern formal look, perfectly complemented with crisp shirt, tie and a pair of Oxfords.

Dressing Down with a Tee

With fashion constantly evolving, we have seen recently the prominence of t-shirt within a satorial background. Crisp premium cotton t-shirts perfectly complementing a silky wool two-piece suit. Here we have a full two piece with crisp Eton tee and formal dress sneakers.

Dressing Smart Casual

Although suit’s come as a two-piece, no where on the label does it say you have to wear both pieces together. If you’re casually inclined, then the perfect outfit can include the utilisation of just the jacket. Furthering this practicality, the sage green suit is constructed from a multi-season cloth meaning you can wear it casually for the whole year.