The Fashion Legacy Of King Charles


By the Robert Old Team

3rd May 2023

King Charles III is not only the head of state, but also eponymous as the head of the tailoring kingdom - Savile Row. The monarch has a long and illustrious history of dressing with elegance, flair and sophistication, often setting the precedent of what’s to come. Whether he is attending a formal event, playing polo or enjoying the countryside, King Charles always wears outfits that reflect his personality and taste. As we await Charles’ royal ascent this Saturday, we showcase some of his most iconic fashion choices throughout the years…

Credit: Tim Graham Photo Library

King Charles’s style started when he was young, when he was a sporty man, a country lover, and a handsome guy. He dressed well for every occasion, wearing practical and suitable clothes like jackets, kilts, sweaters and jackets, which he looked great in during his trips.
He liked to try different colours and patterns, wearing bright yellow sweaters, blue and green polo tops, and flowery ties with confidence. He also liked to wear suits with two buttons, which he kept wearing even when they were not popular. He later joked that he was like a clock that was right every 25 years.

As his elegance matured, King Charles’s style matured alongside, but still had his fun and friendly touch. He kept wearing suits with two buttons, usually in blue or gray, with white shirts and colourful pocket squares. He also wore jackets made of wool, cotton chinos, and shirts with designs on them for his relaxed outings.
One of his most amazing style skills was his ability to wear clothes from other places with respect and grace when traveling abroad.

King Charles’s style legacy is one of elegance, consistency, and personality. He never followed what was trendy, but still looked stylish and modern. He showed that classic clothing can be different and expressive, and that quality and skill are worth paying for. He also showed that dressing well is not only about looking good, but also about being polite and friendly.
He will dress according to tradition throughout his time as king, in suits that fit him well. But as he goes on in the role he has wanted for a long time, something of the King’s careful but playful character will come back into what he wears and how he wears it. It will be part of his legacy, wherever that may take us.