The Journey To Curating Timeless Men’s Cashmere


By the Robert Old Team

15th November 2022

The story of Robert Old cashmere sweaters is deeply intertwined into the story and heritage of the Scottish landscape, something we at Robert Old are great admirers of. Widely regarded as the king of fibres, Cashmere is prized for its incredibly soft fibre and thermal insulation properties. It is recognised by Robert Old as a supreme fibre choice for the finest Scottish knitwear. It is for this reason we prize our Scottish cashmere as an integral part of the Robert Old DNA. The journey to painstakingly curating premium men’s cashmere jumpers and cardigans is long, but necessary for producing results of this calibre.

scottish landscape
kashmir goat

The origin of the most desirable Cashmere fleece is sourced from the highest peaks of Inner Mongolia, where cashmere goats face some of the most extreme weather conditions. Extremities in weather conditions are a fundamental part of creating such a luxurious and resilient fleece, and the Inner Mongolian goat has a double-coat to protect itself against these conditions. Meticulously and carefully separating the two coats is paramount in achieving a fibre with maximum softness, and it is the coat known as the ‘duvet’ which is solely used in knitwear.

Integral to the fabric of the Scottish landscape is the uniquely soft waters which are fundamental in producing some of the finest cashmere cloth in the world. Steeped in the tradition and history of producing luxury cashmere, Robert Old cashmere is manufactured with attention to detail by a long-running family business. Handcrafting knitwear ensures that attention to detail is always a top priority. Robert Old cashmere takes unique name inspiration from the landscape and heritage of Scottish towns and villages admired by the Old family over the years.

river teviot


The eponymous Tiree, famed for its white sandy beaches, takes the form of the classic nautical heritage of the crewneck sweater style. Supreme quality is our top priority, and this is exactly why we only use especially selected ‘Grade A’ cashmere fibre quality. Handcrafted from a fibre of maximum 16.5 microns and a minimum of 34mm in length- this durability and softness is unbeatable. With a round neckline, as well as regular and relaxed proportions, the Tiree crewneck is perhaps the perfect accompaniment for stylish and classic layering. Similarly synonymous with a nautical history and a rich textile history, the Rothesay cable crewneck provides a classic sweater silhouette, adorned with sophisticated cables- reflecting on the rich textile history of the Isle of Bute.

rothesay isle of bute


The sophisticated gentlemen may look to a V-neck jumper to create a more curated look, allowing more versatile styling- ideal for making outfit pairings more visible. Why not reach for the Robert Old Tobermorey which embraces regular proportions for a classically inspired V-neck.


Easily elevating your look couldn’t be easier with the classically handcrafted 4ply cashmere Mallaig knit, arguable the ultimate winter layering garment. Regular proportions with two front pockets about the waistband, make for a classic cardigan which is better suited to the winter months. When looking for a heavier weighted shawl collar cardigan, look no further than the 8ply Colonial, the perfect distinguished style. Combining warmth and breathability couldn’t be easier, with a warm collar and breathable open V neckline. Arguably the perfect extension to the Colonial shawl cardigan is the Torridon pullover, boasting a bold collar and a sophisticated V-shaped neckline.