Robert Old has had a clear vision over the last 100 years or so; to supply our customers with the highest possible quality. Traditionally this was rooted in the tailoring world, when our Great Grandfather Robert Old was the leading Tailor of his day. The world has become progressively more casual now and we have been working hard to enlarge our specialist offer and here we’d like to introduce you to some of the finest casual shirts around.

Building the Shirt...

Before a needle is even lifted there is tireless work to ensure the best possible garment is created, only the best will do if we are to put a Robert Old label on it.

Creating The Fit….

Making our shirts comfortable, soft and timeless is at the forefront of our mind. We have created an easy fitting silhouette that allows for room to move while still holding an aesthetic shape. All Robert Old shirts are crafted using the same measurements so once you find your size the rest is up to you.

Where are they Made…

With a passion for all things English inline with our heritage we scoured the country for the best quality craftsmen for the Robert Old shirt.  The Robert Old team travel deep into the West Country to visit the factory to review and personalise the details of this handcrafted garment.

Sourcing the Cloth…

Possibly the most important step in creating an outstanding shirt is the quality of the cloth. We simply source our fabrics from the finest mills. One of our favourite cloth houses is the revered Alumo. Based in Switzerland they produce a variety of twills, oxfords, superfine cottons and even cashmere-cottons fabrics. During the spring and summer seasons we incorporate  Linens from Ireland as pictured above. Cloth is everything when it comes to the finished product; the moment you wear a Robert Old shirt the cloth quality should become apparent.

The Details...

No stone is left unturned… From the unique shape of our custom Burley button down collar, the careful choice of interlings to the luxurious mother of pearl buttons each garment has its own unique features, the only thing that doesn’t change is our fit.

Let's Get You Sized Up!

Each shirt is specifically designed for a comfortable fit, some people might say classic fit, we prefer calling it a gentleman's fit. All our shirts are labeled in Centimeter neck sizes, if you want to know more about size follow the guide below for all the shirts measurements. 

Going The Extra Mile With A Custom Made Shirt

At Robert Old you can experience the unique opportunity to create your own custom made shirt. We understand that off the peg garments are not for everyone. If you have specific requirements or would just like to treat yourself to something extra special we welcome you to Contact us for a consultation

Step One

Our experienced team will guide you through the vast array of cloths from some of the finest producers in the world.

Step Two

Now a cloth has been selected together we can then refine the fit in key areas such as collar size, sleeve length and body length to greatly improve the fit.

Step Three

To create the ultimate Robert Old shirt there are further options to consider such as collar style, cuff design, buttons, placket design, pocket shape and may more.

Step Four

The waiting game! All good thing come to thoughs who wait. A few short weeks will be enough for our friends in the westcountry to create you custom crafted shirt. Once you have approved the shirt, it's down to you to enjoy your new friend for years to come.