Art of the

'Pocket Handkerchief'


The Outfit

The perfectly fitted suit, a well chosen tie and handmade shoes are a magnificent combination preparing any gentleman for the day ahead.

However the magic ingredient is still lacking: a pocket handkerchief made from silk, or perhaps cashmere is a small detail which unites the outfit and takes it from being smart to effortlessly stylish.


The Genius of the Pocket Handkerchief

Aesthetically aside from being an elegant touch, the pocket square draws the eye up to the chest making the wearer look broader and taking any unwanted attention from the stomach.
The pocket handkerchief is the perfect way to harmonise subtle colour schemes and balance figuration.


The Subtle Art of Arrangement

There are many schools of thought on how the pocket square should sit in the majestic conduit of the breast pocket.
We consider the squared edge showing to be too mundane and the positively floral origami possibilities too flamboyant.
Simply tucked in and arranged so that an elegant amount of silk is showing in the manner of a cloud or the top of a plume of smoke is the most stylish way.


How to Prepare the Handkerchief


  1. To allow for a full and effortlessly chic arrangement begin by knotting two diagonally opposite corners.
  2. Continue in the same fashion by knotting the corresponding corners.
  3. Holding the knot at the bottom, place the handkerchief in the top pocket and tuck the knot to the bottom.


Aside from any artisan adjustments you may wish to make to it, you should be left with an arrangement as previously described.

photo 5

Looking a little tired?

Should your square begin to droop or simply look a little worse for wear this can be rectified by a quick press with a steam iron.
Untie the corners and lay the silk square flat on the ironing board. Cover with the fabric of a shirt and give the square a generous amount of steam before finally pressing with a medium hot iron.
Your trusty companion should be as good as new and ready to complete many an exquisite outfit for time to come!


Making the right choices

Once you delve into the fascinating world of Gentlemen's accessories and select the category
of Pocket Handkerchiefs many options reveal themselves to baffle and confound the fledging wearer.
Be sure that your square is made from raw natural materials such as silk, wool, cotton or cashmere and that it is handmade with edge stitching.
Exciting combinations of the aforementioned materials also lie in wait! A stunning combination of wool and cashmere adds a perfect Autumnal touch to winter outfits, as does a mixture of linen and silk in the summer.


Things to remember:


  • Avoid pedestrian or ridiculous arrangements
  • Like style, your handkerchief should look like it has taken no effort at all
  • Buy natural materials such as silk and wool
  • Give your square a steam and pre
    ss every few weeks to keep it looking fresh
  • Choose colours that compliment elements of the outfit such as the shirt or tie



The Cardinal Rule

No truly stylish gentleman EVER wears a matching tie and pocket handkerchief!