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Santoni Shoe Care - A Guide to cleaning and caring for your Santoni Shoes.

Santoni shoes are authentic works of the shoemaker’s art and like any valuable item should be treated with great care. By following just a few simple Santoni shoe care rules, the technical and aesthetic qualities of your shoes can be conserved over time.

  1.  After wearing let your shoes air out, they should be left to dry out naturally over a two day period. Help your shoes keep their shape while drying out by using a pair of Santoni shoe trees (made exclusively of cedar wood). Cleaning your shoes without removing the shoe trees will assist you in cleaning them more thoroughly.
  2. Treat the leather with only excellent quality leather care products. Creams with a high wax content nourish the leather and will slow down the ageing process.
  3. Never use water repellent products as they will damage the colour of the upper that has been aged by hand.
  4. Choose a cream polish that is closest to the colour of the upper, or one tone lighter. Never use a darker colour polish.
  5. To keep your Santoni shoes at their best, use the cream frequently but only in small quantities on cleaned shoes.


How to clean your Leather Santoni shoes
After carefully dusting the upper, apply the cream polish with a cloth and let it dry for a few minutes. With your shoe trees still inserted, polish the shoes using a brush with soft bristles (a horse hair brush is best). We recommend that you always test the cream polish on a concealed part of your shoe such as the tongue before applying it to the whole shoe.

santoni_shoes_tan_leather  black_wing_tip_santoni_shoe2  slip-on-loafer_santoni_shoe


How to clean your Suede Santoni Shoes

For suede or shoes with suede inserts, we recommend only using rubber (suede) brushes. To remove small spots you can cautiously use a fine sandpaper (type 00), followed by the rubber suede brush to push the nap back in the right direction. Remove stains with a damp cloth but take care not to spread the stain. Avoid contact with liquids or solvents as this may cause the suede to lose its colour.

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The Secret to Beautiful Santoni Shoes